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I have been coaching teams for over 30 years and specialised in goalkeepers in 2013.


I'm currently working as an independent full-time goalkeeping coach in schools and clubs along with consultant roles for the England Hockey DiSE and Hockey Wales National Age Group (NAGS) programmes.

With experience of leading the goalkeeper coaching program at Premier League clubs, 1 on 1 coaching with junior and senior international goalkeepers to developing those just starting out in goal from age 8 to 80 I will be able to bring the best out of any goalkeeper and help them develop to reach their potential.

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My background in hockey goalkeeping stemmed from being a keen cricketer who loved diving around in the field I had the opportunity to try a new sport at secondary school in 1982. Being late to the sign up meeting the only position left was goalkeeper so I thought "Why not?".

Goalkeeping has changed significantly in the 40 years I have been playing and I pride myself on my knowledge of the technical, tactical, psychological and physical needs of the role.

My coaching style aims to develop a strong relationship with the athlete with an understanding of their personalities and development needs.

Goalkeeping is a unique position within a team and requires the additional focus to deliver the highest level of performance whilst enjoying the playing and training experience.

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